5 Creative Things To Do With Popped Corks

Let’s face it, we all drink a lot of wine, which means we throw out tens (possibly hundreds) of corks out each year. Instead of adding to our ever-growing landfills, here are five creative ways to repurpose those corks:

1. Make Cork Keychains
Cork Keychains

Have you ever been out on a boat in Lake Tahoe and lost your keys to its cold, murky depths? Never again.

2. Step Up Your Spread Game
Cork Spreads

Impress your guests at your next wine and cheese pairing with these unique cheese knives.

3. Plant Some Tiny Succulents
Cork Succulants

Paste a magnet on them to add a unique look to your ‘fridge or other metal surfaces.

4. Light Up Your Dinner Table
Cork Candles

Add the finishing touch to any homemade, romantic dinner with these candles.

5. Upgrade Your Bath Mat
Cork Bath Mat

Enjoy a nice, relaxing bath with a glass of wine, then keep the mood going when you step out.

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