6 Ways to Keep Your Wine Chilled at the Lake

Enjoying a glass of wine from Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards doesn’t have to be confined to our tasting room or even your own home. Summer is the perfect time to take your wine to the beaches of Lake Tahoe. It’s just a short drive over the mountains from the vineyards to the lake, so the next time you want to escape the heat and relax lakeside, try these tricks to keep your wine perfectly chilled:

  1. Bring a frozen grape stash.
    Frozen grapes double as ice cubes. This trick gives you ice cold wine without the chance of it being watered down as they melt. The grapes even serve as a treat when you finish each glass.
  2. The old salt and ice trick.
    When you’re packing your cooler for your lake getaway, throw in a salt shaker along with some bags of ice. Once you get to your perfect relaxation destination crack open the cooler, mix the salt into the ice, securely fasten the bottles and let them chill. The salt speeds up the chilling process, and you will have cool wine in no time.
  3. The almighty wine cubes.
    These chilly creations are the perfect solution for chilling your wine on a hot summer day. Similar to frozen grapes, wine ice cubes prevent your wine from being watered down as they melt. Simply take a half empty bottle of wine, pour it in an ice tray and freeze overnight. This way, no wine goes wasted.
  4. Wrap it in a wet paper towel.
    The day before you leave for your lakeside adventure be sure to wrap your wine in some damp paper towels and freeze them.This prevents the shattering of glass while keeping your wine cool.
  5. Freeze some water balloons.
    Fill a bucket with your bottles and frozen water balloons for cool wine minus the cooler. These balloons do double duty when they melt, making them perfect for a water balloon fight or to wake up a friend who has nodded off under the sun.
  6. Find some newspaper.
    When you’re done with your morning read, take the newspaper into the lake with you to cool off. As odd as this sounds, wrap the bottle in the wet newspaper and as the water evaporates your wine will cool.

As for what wines you should bring to the lake in the first place? We recommend the following refreshing whites, which will keep you cool as you enjoy the summer sun:

CBM Vineyards

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