7 Wines for Beer Drinkers

Comparing beer to wine is like comparing apples to oranges—it can’t be done. Or can it? Beer and wine actually have more in common than you may think, with most beers having a wine counterpart based on their flavor profiles. Swap your bottle opener for a corkscrew and see what wine can bring to the table. Below are seven beers and their wine counterparts that will challenge even the most faithful beer lovers:

Wheat Beer:  
If you love wheat beers try a Chardonnay. The tropical flavors of Chardonnay mirror the similarly fruity notes of wheat beer.  Like Chardonnay, wheat beers are now being aged in oak, which gives the beer the same oaky and fruity flavor found in Chardonnay.

Pale Ale:
The mellow and inviting flavors of Pale Ale are mirrored in Merlot.  As the gateway to the fancier stuff in the wine and beer world, both have worldly styles that are brought together in perfect harmony.

West Coast IPA:  
IPA’s wine companion is Carménère. Both have complex savory flavors and bitter notes.

The dark fruit flavors and aromas of Porter are similarly found in its wine alternative Syrah.  Both can feature strong notes of spice.

Imperial Stout:
Fans of steak, potatoes, and hearty red meats can change out their glass of Imperial Stout for Cabernet Sauvignon.  The wine is known for its silky, full mouthfeel and toasted oak flavors.

Czech Pilsner:
The under-appreciated Pilsner and its wine counterpart Riesling have wonderful acidity, full mouthfeel and balanced, sweet flavors that are ideal for summer favorites like seafood.

The grassy aroma from the Saaz hops used to make Kölsch can be tasted in its wine friend, Sauvignon Blanc.  Both have refreshing summer flavors that are best served chilled.


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