Barrel Tasting

Barrel Tasting Reserve 2018 wines for future delivery

Buying ‘Futures’ is the best way to get the good wine at the best prices.  Charles B. Mitchell brought barrel tasting to the Foothill wineries.  The Reserve selections are young, and they love to show you what they will become.  “Taste the future” in our winery.

Buy the futures by the case.  Take home two bottles or a magnum of a current release included with your purchase.  Buy half a case for future delivery and take home a mature bottle of a similar wine.  The ‘best deal in town’ is on a barrel of wine.  Twenty-five cases of wine will be delivered on a pallet.

Grand Reserve buyers choose to taste from the barrel and invest in the upcoming release.  Remember that this wine ‘grows in the bottle’ for as much as twenty years.  Lay down your wine when it is released to you before public release.  Enjoy one periodically and build your vertical cellar.  You will discover what makes this ‘cult wine’ sell out early every year.

Our Estate Petite Sirah is as collectable as the Grand Reserve.  It will age to its peak of flavor and potential in ten years or so.  Very drinkable even before bottling, this wine also has a ‘cult’ following.

Intense Syrah is a huge surprise.  If you are ‘in tune’ with the potential of this wine, you will want to know it from the barrel and follow it through its maturity.  Intensity comes from the fact that juice was bled from the wine to make Rose.  The intense phenolics and tannins make this unusual Reserve the barrel to watch.

Taste the Malbec from Chui Vineyard, Zinfandel from Spanish Creek Vineyard, Stoney Creek Cabernet Sauvignon from next door, and finally enjoy 2013 Zinfandel Port patiently aging on the oak for a smoother darker sweet wine.

Barrel tasting is available most times on request.  Bring a group and enjoy a combined bottle and barrel tasting back in the winery.  But, please let us know you are coming.  This may be the most unique tasting experience you can have.