Bottle Your Own

Three times a year, Charles invites you to ‘be the winemaker’ and bottle your own wine.  The people who do this every year will tell you, this is really fun!  Save big on great wine by filling, corking, and labeling your own bottles of wine blended for the event.  There will be three wines from which to choose.

President’s Day Weekend is the first.  Fourth of July Weekend is next.  The last opportunity of the year is in November when Veteran’s Day Weekend rolls around.  You produce a case of wine for $ 6.99 per bottle.  Add 75 cents for new bottles.  Price base on one case or more.  Artisan Pizza from the wood fired stove is included.

We bottle a few cases for our people who cannot make the event.  Ask us about surplus BYO cases that may be available after the event.  Once you experience one of these parties, you will make the events regularly.

Charles was the first in the Foothills to introduce this opportunity to his patrons.  Three wines from three fillers.  Taste them and make your choices.  Good wine, good food, and good people to help you through the packaging process.

Charles did the first of these events many years ago.  He has, we believe, perfected the BYO event.  No reservation required.  Mark your calendar and come on in to Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards to bottle your own wine.