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The Unique History of Sangria

Originally from its humble roots in Spain, Sangria has become a worldwide sensation. While Americans first tasted the red wine punch at the 1964 World’s Fair in New York, the history of Sangria can be traced back 200 BC. Like many countries who were invaded by the Romans, Spain began actively planting grapes to make […]

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Why Pizza and Zin Are a Perfect Match

It may not be particularly apparent, but Zinfandel and pizza share a common origin. Zinfandel, which has become the California “work horse” varietal, is from Croatia, while pizza originated in Naples, less than 250 miles away. Zinfandel, known as “Crljenak Kaštelanski” in Croatia, has a deep-rooted history in California. It established its tradition during the […]

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Why Zinfandel Is So Good In El Dorado

When one thinks of Zinfandel, it usually brings up images of California and even our region, which produces some of the best Zinfandels around. After sampling the quality in its bold flavors, you may be surprised to learn that Zinfandel is not native to California. The Zinfandel grape actually originated in Croatia, where its hills and […]

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A Brief History of Wine Futures

With our next futures release party just around the corner, it’s time for a refresher on all things futures. You probably have heard the terms “futures” and “en primeur” tossed around and may be wondering what the difference is, but the two are synonymous. En primeur is French for “in youth,”  meaning that the wine […]