Crush Time November 2018

This is the time of magic! This is an extended period from the first load of grapes to the last pressing of the precious must. Smell the fragrance of the fresh fruit overwhelming the cellar. See the fruit coming into the crush pad. Make a day of it in the ‘Beating Heart of Foothill Wine Country,’ Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards, Fair Play AVA.

Charles B. Mitchell invites you to enter his world


We invite you to join in and work the crush with us.

Take your shoes off and crush some fruit. Help us ‘punch down the cap’ during fermentation. All indications point to a very good year for Fair Play and the Foothills. Do you want to be a part of this? You want to be a part of this! 2018 is YOUR VINTAGE YEAR. Join us and reach out to your future favorite wine.

Every Saturday into November, there will be activity in the winery.

CRUSH TIME, winemaker and wine grape grower, Charles will be testing and tasting. Matre de Chais and Cellar Rat will be busy around the winery working the destemmer, press and various pumps, tanks, and the rest of the equipment. You are invited to check out the progress of fermentation from crush to barrel.

This seasonal opportunity is a part of Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards wine education. Charles invites you to understand wine, from the perspective of his small winemaking operation fired by his passion.

Salons are a semi-private paired tasting during which you will hear important stories about Europe and wine history. We love to follow your questions to improve your perception of wine, and our perception your enjoyment.

Barrel tasting is your opportunity to taste maturing wines which have yet to be bottled. Investors are invited to purchase wine at a substantial discount and enjoy included wine from an earlier vintage for consumption while waiting for your wine to be bottled and delivered.

Bottle Your Own is your opportunity for finish the winemaking process by filling and finishing your bottles of wine. Charles wants you to share his passion for the art of the beverage, wine.

Wine is a living thing!

Wine is a living thing!

The wine grape grower plans carefully to design vineyards that will produce the fruit needed for a profitable harvest. In this case, we discuss Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards Estate Reserve wine series.

The winemaker/grower has made many decisions on how to care for the growing fruit. Investments have been made to foster and protect the grapevines. Clusters are harvested by hand to insure control over the fermentation process and to protect the integrity of the fruit.

After veraison the maturing fruit is tested and tasted to tell him when to harvest. Brix is just one of the qualities of maturity of the grape. Sugar is not the determining factor of when it’s time to crush. The harvest crew is dispatched early. We like to crush cool fruit to prevent the growth of spoilage organisms.

Crush time, Winemaker Charles B. Mitchell has many options from which to choose. His decisions will foster the interaction between sugar and yeast that create the alcohol in the juice. Fostering the change from grape juice to fine wine, Charles continues to watch his wine “grow” along its path by temperature control, yeast selection, press regimes to name a few.

In the barrel, our young wine grows. At barrel tasting, the growing wine changes, almost in your glass. Investors like to visit ‘their wine’ and follow the progress of the adolescent vintage. Like any teenager, or maturing puppy, the wine is discovering itself.

At bottling, the wine is filtered for your protection and for the protection of the wine. Spoilage micro-organisms are removed with sterile filters, to insure the wine will not develop microbial spoilage. Bottle shock is the time period in which the confused youth must go ‘off to college.’ It is filtration and bottling that sends the living Estate Reserve wine into its last stage, growth in the bottle.

Grand Reserve may age gracefully for two decades. Primitivo and zinfandel may begin to pass their peak in way less time. There is no ‘rule’ that tells you the best time to pull the cork on our carefully crafted Reserve wines. Each varietal, each vintage, has a different story to tell.

Made with love and care over a period of years, Charles offers you his mature and maturing Reserve Estate wine. Some may be purchased at the height of their full flavor and mouth feel. Others are offered before their prime, as demand dictates opportunities for Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Grand Reserve, which are rarely available as they achieve their place at the height of their potential.

Wine is a living thing. Follow its growth from vine to table and see why you want to be a part of Charles B. Mitchell’s passion for fine wine. Visit us at crush. Come for a Salon Tasting. Taste wine from the barrels and invest in your ‘future’. As available, take home our Reserve Estate selections.