Fair Play Zinfest 2018 (September 1-3)

Zinfandel is always a feature at Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards.  So, participation in the First Annual Zin Fest was an easy choice. Visit the Zin Zone for this spectacular event.


Charles B. Mitchell is the ‘Leader of the Pack.’

His Zin Zone has developed over the years to be a showcase of what Zinfandel can and should be. Dry, sweet, balanced, fresh, mature, they are all here, in one place.  More than a dozen Zinfandels and Primitivos to taste at the counter. Three more are in barrels.  Nothing pairs better with Zinfandel that our famous “Endless Artisan Pizza.”

Our Zinfandel tasting is a specialized tour to identify and extend your palate for Zin.  You are sure to match you taste to the right bottle at the ‘right price.’  Start your Zin Fest tasting with Charles.  Call it the ‘Zinformation Center.’


If you have yet to discover the unique joys of Fair Play wineries, we are making it easy for you. Visit four wineries that feature Zinfandel and are participating in the Labor Day Weekend event.  South of Placerville and northeast of Plymouth wine countries.


Food will be paired with wine.  Participants use their ‘passport’ to enjoy a signature of our appellation, Zinfandel, and enjoy the hospitality of four featured wineries.


Entering the Fair Play AVA, you will not see vineyards spreading out forever to the horizon from the floor of a valley.  We are small production wineries whose customers are like family.  If you know and like Zin, the Zin Fest event should not be missed!

Find the Cotes of Fair Play (cote: Hillsides in the French tradition of wine grape growing). each small vineyard enjoys different aspects to sun and air.  Enjoy tasting several varietals at our tasting room.  Don’t miss barrel tasting for futures.  At Charles B. Mitchell, we feature the Zin Zone to highlight the possibilities and variations on this varietal.


Contact Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards to purchase your Zin Fest tickets, or make the necessary arrangements to start your Zin Fest tour at the Zinformation Center. Call 530 620 3467, info@charlesbmitchell.com, or stop in Wed-Sun from 11am to 5pm 8221 Stoney Creek Road, off Fair Play Road between Omo Ranch Road and Perry Creek Road.