Three Things to Do in El Dorado County (After Wine Tasting)

Ever wonder what there is to do in El Dorado County (besides wine tasting at Charles B. Mitchell Vineyards, of course)?  As part of the Sierra Nevada, El Dorado County lends itself to people with a wide range of interests.  From the wine lover to the history buff, there are countless activities to explore.  Below are three things to do to make a whole weekend out of your trip to El Dorado County:

1. Explore Gold Bug Park
California is known for the Gold Rush that started right here in El Dorado County in the late 1840s and early 1850s.  Located in Placerville, Gold Bug Park was once a working gold mine that is now open to the public. Relive history as you explore the museum and Gold Bug Mine with a self guided tour. Afterward, you can enjoy a picnic lunch and even sift for your own gold!  For more information and directions visit:

2. Hike the Countryside
As part of the Sierra Nevada, El Dorado County is full of hiking trails suitable to everyone from beginners to seasoned hikers.  Hike through the unique forests of the Sierra Nevada and visit parks such as Eddy Arboretum or Eldorado State Park, which features many hiking trails and paths throughout the county.  Located in Pollock Pines, at the foot of the park, Sly Park offers another option with a variety of activities like hiking, running, cycling, and fishing for you to enjoy.  For more specific locations visit:

3. Visit Apple Hill
The more than 50 members of the Apple Hill Growers Association make it easy for you to find everything from apple and fruit farms to bake shops and Christmas tree farms in the winter.  With locations in Camino, Cedar Grove, Pollock Pines, and Placerville, Apple Hill vendors are perfect for a quick snack or apple, berry and pumpkin picking! For more information and farm details visit:


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