The Winemakers’ Passion For Varietals

The Winemaker’s passion is represented by many varietals

The Zin Zone
features more than a dozen Zinfandels. If you love Zin, then you are a trendsetter. Each label represents a style of wine that varies from the others. The reserve Zinfandels are single vineyard wines crafted with love from small lots. The popular Zins represent a value for everyday enjoyment. Discover your favorite Zinfandel from dry and spicy, a balance of both, or a fruit forward delight.

The Rhone Zone
exploits the Cotes of Fair Play. Like the Cotes of the Rhone, we produce these varietals in similar terroir. Syrah is a proven winner over the years with exceptional Reserves and delightful popular wines. Mourvedre is acclaimed as a big winner in the tasting room and in competition. Grenache rounds out the Zone with its light fruity notes. Petite Sirah (aka Durif) is a huge wine also developed in the South of France.

Spain and Italy
are also represented at the winery. Charles’ Barbera has been acclaimed in competition and consumers tend to buy it as fast as he can release it. He sources Sangiovese from Amador County for his Winery by the Creek features. Tempranillo is a regular feature of the racks of the tasting room.

is the source of the “King of Grapes,” Cabernet Sauvignon. The ‘flagship’ of Charles fleet has always been his Grand Reserve. Merlot, Cabernet Franc, and Malbec were once used for blending only. Today Charles shows what these varietals can be with his Estate Reserve wines.

White and Rose wines:

Sparkling wines
are imported from the Burgundy Region of France by Charles B. Mitchell Negotiant. Blanc de Noir is our celebratory favorite. Enjoy one at the winery and have it opened with the sword. Blanc de Blanc will amaze you with a truly good sparkler for under twenty bucks.
Charles B. Mitchell, Winemaker, is a lover of white wines too. We grow Sauvignon Blanc and Semillon on the Estate. The freshest of the whites is our 2016 Reserve white wines. Smooth and delicious the three are Semillon/Sauvignon Blanc blend, Semillon, and Sauvignon Blanc.
Other white wines include Fume Blanc for a crisper wine in the Winery by the Creek label. Way white and Madame Omo are blends of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc that are blended to provide and economical yet very drinkable white.

2016 Reserve Syrah Rose
is generating excitement as well-crafted dry complex rose wines are eclipsing more popular White Zin. The Syrah Rose came about when Charles was in Provance on Le Trip with his daughter. The juice is ‘bled’ from the fruit, rather than pressed. This is a premier example of the new trend in Rose wine.
Two more bottles deserve special recognition.


Elizabeth Mitchell Reserve Zinfandel:

We keep a barrel of Zin in the tasting room to refill one-gallon growlers. Members pay $ 8 for a refill. Non-Members pay $ 10. Fill a new one-gallon jug for $15. Lovers of this wine bring boxes of clean jugs to refill regularly. This is good wine for a sweet-deal price. Every barrel is different.

Le Grand Vin:

Charles’ twenty-five-year success with Grand Reserve has tempted him to make an even better Red Wine based in his Estate Cabernet Sauvignon. The result was 2013 Le Grand Vin. We have but a few bottles left of this ‘really big’ collectable wine.
The 2015 Le Grand Vin is set to be bottled in the winter of 2017-2018. The thief dipped us a few tastes recently. You will decide, but we think this one is even better! Retail list price $ 75. Only 50 cases will be made. Twenty of those are already sold.
No one offers greater selection than Charles B. Mitchell. This boutique winery cares about every bottle. If you have not been to see us yet, you need to make some plans. Pass other wineries to reach this unique experience.

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